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A1 Teaching School Alliance

A1 Teaching School Alliance

Who We Are

The A1 Teaching Alliance has been founded on the shared belief that schools have a moral responsibility to work together collaboratively for the benefit of all children and young people as well as supporting the well-being of all staff.  Working collectively, we can undertake and secure successful actions to improve outcomes for all.

Within every school and setting there is invaluable expertise, outstanding practice and examples of great leadership, but all schools and settings also have areas that need development including the well-being of staff. A1 Teaching School Alliance believes that by working together to identify and develop areas of expertise, and then sharing them, we will be able to develop a system for self-sustaining schools and setting improvement.

At the heart of what we believe, do and strive to achieve, is the belief that the whole is only as good as the sum of the parts.  We actively look outward, are creative and forward thinking in finding the best way to develop professional opportunities with a core purpose of sustainability for the long term.

With a shared ethos of improvement for all, through a drive for meaningful well-being from the child to the adult, we actively look to collaborate and join with other organisations, schools and individuals in a quest to build relationships, fuel the desire to improve and bring about change for all. The core of what we believe is the unwavering optimism, enthusiasm and determination that education for all can be an exciting, rewarding, intellectual and creative journey that each and every person, child to adult, has the right to be part of.